Hybrid Mail Delivery Update (L-Mail.com & Docsaway.com)

L-Mail.com delivery partners remain operational as listed here.

Docsaway.com posting partners remain operational as listed here.

Local domestic delivery from all our locations remains operational at this time. In the event local delivery is suspended, we will temporarily suspended our location.


Our UK location is presently not operating. Mail can be sent to the UK from our various other locations in the meantime but delivery times will be slower and the cost higher.


Please note, our partner in Brazil is presently only processing domestic letters i.e. addressed to Brazil.


Our Canadian partner is presently mailing domestically and internationally to a reduced number of countries.


We have been advised that mail for going to other countries as well as that which is received from international destinations will be held for 1 week before processing, so there will be delay in delivery.

Other International Delivery Delays

Due to the Coronavirus some International mail delivery is suspended or delayed. Please check with the local postal services we utilise for the latest status of delivery to locations other than the countries we mail from. For example, if you are mailing a letter to the USA from our Canadian location, please check the Canadian Post website for the status of their international service.

All QiQ systems are operating normally.

If you have a problem accessing your website or email, please follow these steps:
  1. Establish if the problem accessing your website is just for you or for everyone by testing the avilability of your site here or here.

  2. If the problem is just for you:

      a. Restart your modem/router.

      b. Check to see if your IP Address is blocked by the server. Instructions for unblocking IP addresses on QiQ servers may be found here.

  3. If these steps do not help, raise a support ticket.