Maintenance Notice

Previously, you received communication from us regarding an update and reboot(s) to your hosting necessary to address two high-profile, security vulnerabilities that have come to be known as Meltdown & Spectre.

We will be applying additional patches related to the latest variations identified in these vulnerabilities. As a reminder, these vulnerabilities affect nearly every modern server and desktop computer. We will be patching and rebooting all of our Cloud infrastructure and have scheduled the following maintenance windows:

As before, these vulnerabilities require immediate attention. QiQ takes these threats very seriously as they pose a risk of secure information being accessed by rogue programs and hackers. We are working aggressively with all of our hardware and software vendors to remediate exposure and protect your servers in the least impactful manner possible.

Our servers run a Linux-based operating system and we will apply patches and automatically reboot the servers during the maintenance window.

We are available to assist with any questions or concerns via

All QiQ systems are operating normally.

If you have a problem accessing your website or email, please follow these steps:
  1. Establish if the problem accessing your website is just for you or for everyone by testing the avilability of your site here or here.

  2. If the problem is just for you:

      a. Restart your modem/router.

      b. Check to see if your IP Address is blocked by the server. Instructions for unblocking IP addresses on QiQ servers may be found here.

  3. If these steps do not help, raise a support ticket.